Own tunes-52 Coaching cards

...Draw your own card ... and learn positive thinking ... discover your inner power.

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If you're used to from an early age to think positively, you lay the basis for a good self image. Own Tunes help you on your way. The card you draw is at that time the perfect Private Air for you. It gives you more confidence and is a helping hand. It helps you to think positively, on it's own and way way!

On each ticket is a short powerful positive sense with a matching illustration.

Use the cards preferably 1 x a week. so take your there plenty of time for to feel the power of the meaning and experience. You can also use the cards more often when you need some extra support. You feel insecure? you have a difficult time? pull over your own Tune for that time. But you can also use just the tickets, of course, if you're in the mood for a new Own Tune!

Shuffle the cards and put them with the back side up. Concentrate on the card that you are going to pull: your personal Own Tune for that time, that day or week. The words on the card keep your in mind.
The artwork could be helpful. you will find that the sentence at many times good to use and gives a helping hand. At some point, these are your own words of wisdom.

52 Coaching cards in color
Maps size: 8.7 x 5.6 cm
Publishing House: dubbelzes
Language: Dutch
ISBN: 9789080759312